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Wedding photography


Family portraiture


Lifestyle photography


Fashion photography


Landscape photography

Commercial photography

Global Commissioned photography

Event photography

Photo journalism

Digital airbrushing and

enhancement specialist

Memories from your big day; beautifully documented. 

We understand that some people are naturally camera shy, so we always try to make everybody feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

We do that by taking time to build relationships with you and your guests, and by making the whole process stress free.


Our aim is to leave you with precious memories which can be passed down through generations.These photographs,which you can treasure

for a life time will, show how your marriage was celebrated.


Male or female photographers are available upon request.


Follow the below link for a personal message from the photographer;

Simeon Thaw.




A  B  O  U  T    U  S

Our ethos to wedding photography is simple: we believe it is telling a story on your wedding day. It is your story and we aim to capture that through the lens of our camera.


We take great pride in immortalising the essence of your special day. We do this by capturing the laughter, the tears, the natural expressions, the embraces, the relationships and the overall joy of the occasion. It’s these emotions that will tell the true story of your wedding. 


We are professionals and are very serious and passionate about our artistry. Our approach to photography is very laid back and natural. We believe it doesn’t have to be a stiff, rigid or formal affair – after all we are there to capture the bliss of the happiest day of your lives! We have mastered the art of making the rigmarole of organising a large group photo into a fun process, while most importantly, getting a quality shot!


A photographer’s instinct is something that is developed over time. Our style of photography is a mix of the traditional and contemporary, with a strong emphasis on capturing as many natural shots as possible.



Ansel Adams

             You don't take

             a photograph; you make it


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